All the works in this pages are either too small or too short, but interactive. Most of the works shown in this page is made in a short time or still a prototype. This is where I upload my personal experiments with the new tools before it is used for actual implementation. The posts are sorted in chronological order.


TouchDesigner | Arduino - Continuing
I always wanted to incorporate physical motions for my project. Making something move in screen is always exciting, but I thought it would be even better if we can have something on the screen move along with the physical motion. This robot arm is my second robot arm purchase. The first one was made with laser-cut wood and was too weak. I’m hoping that this second robot arm purchase will be more stable and functional. I’m planning on to use as a prop for a scene in my final senior project. If it turns out stable and interactive-enough, I want to attatch a monitor that can display interactive graphics. I still need codings to write along with an interactive graphic that responds to the rotation and the acceleration of the arm.


TouchDesigner | Arduino - Continuing
As a person who likes physical buttons and switches, I decided to make the controller box that I can always use for prototypes. There are total three buttons, three potentiometers, two sliders, a joystick, a light sensor, an ultrasound sensor, and a gyroscope. The box can be connected to the computer by Bluetooth or USB. Serial signals can be read from different types of the programs. For my case, I linked it to TouchDesigner and made a small demo for the buttons. 


Displays | Sensors - Continuing
Nothing New, just bunch of different types of displays.
I have an obsession with types of displays, and I just recently realized the similarity of collecting displays with papers. As a student who used to design for print materials, I enjoyed buying different types of paper to compare how the print looked among the different textures. I’ve found that collecting different screens had a similar enjoyment with collecting different paper textures for print. This hobby is an ongoing thing. I wish I can be able to play videos on these displays as easily as printing designs on papers.


Madmapper | Arduino - 2018
Rose was my first interactive projection mapped excerise. The user can move the light up and down using the potentiometer. The roses either blooms or drops depending on where the light is positioned. This exercise was to express how individuals have different values among the same things. 

APP DESIGN | UX/UI | Concept - 2018
App designs made from Interaction design class. The design on the left is an app that provides mindless takes for meditation and productivity increase. The design on the right was an app that helps the user to match themselves with plants through facial recognitions. 


Kinect | Processing - 2018
Balloon is a simple adventerous experience using the Microsoft kinect with the Processing software. The user can either fly to the universe or go deep down the mysterious underground by using the balloon as their pointer. Different types of illustrative backgrounds interest the user as they explore through the different stages of the background.


Processing | 2D Game - 2017
Roommate toilet is my first processing 2D game. The main character/ player has to use the toilet while keeping clean hygene and competing with their roommates. There are total 5 characters that competes with the player to reach to the toilet. For more detail CLICK HERE !


Data Visualization | Processing - 2017
Blackout Poem was my first data generated visual infographic. The infographic uses data of Death Row inmates' most spoken words from their last sentences. The visual inspiration comes from the Blackout Poetry and the jailbar of prisons. For more detail CLICK HERE


Littlebits | Experience Design - Really Old
This was a Littlebits sponsored workshop project. Our workshop team decided to make the elevator experience more entertaining and exciting. We made each elevator buttons to play an instrument of a song, and the floor sensors to change the lighting of the elevator. We made prototypes, app design, and motion graphic to introduce the final product of this project.


Savannah, Georgia.