2018 - Work in Progress
As a homage to one of my favorite contemporary artist Laurie Anderson, I decided to make an audiovisual device inspired by her performances. Her performance from the Home of the Brave (1984) had a drum suit that made a musical beat as she beat up herself. In her O Superman (1982) music video, the shadow of her arm stood up even when her arm was lowered down. When I watched her performance through a video for the first time, I was surprised by how simple and yet effective these visual effects were.  

I have made my version of a wireless device that sends out the data to the computer, which allows to trigger a motion capture along with a sound effect. 

This work was my first attempt to make a project mainly using TouchDesigner. As a Macbook user, I had to cooperate Processing to connect the Microsoft Kinect within TouchDesigner. I’ll soon be trying to upload a test video shot of the project. In the long run, I want to continue this project for people, who are interested in live-performance.

A very bad sketch of what I wanted the project to become.

Testing with TouchDesigner

The photo is a test shot in my room with a projector. When the device is triggered, the shadow freezes. The border of the circle vibrates along with the beat that is played. Further later, I want to add spikes, smokes, and different silhouette effects on top of the shadow. 

It is surprising how Laurie Anderson’s performance is something that is both inspiring and surprising even after 30 years from her actual performance. Although most of the design for this project is based on the original, I would like to develop furthermore to make devices that allow the user to express themselves as a mindful way.

Savannah, Georgia.