I’m Dasul Kim...
I specialize in motion graphic design
I also love interactive design, editorial design, and illustrations.

I have a seperate page for my casual small projects.
If you are interested in casual works,
check out my Interactive etc and Casual Drawings .

Maybe you're in the wrong website.
You probably didn't meant to come to this specific page.
Well, still feel free to contact me  :)

Dasul Kim

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+1) 912.308.9448


Big fan of Bojack Horseman
Professional Sad Girl
Reptile Enthusiast
Happy Drinker


GE Transportation | Data Visualization, SCADpro     2018
SAMSUNG | Wearable Design, Workshop                    2016
LINEAGE | Game Branding, Workshop                          2015
MCM | Interactive Fashion, Workshop                          2015
SMEDIA | Cosmetic Brand 2016                                      2015


SCAD, Comotion, Best Projection Mapping                   2018
PULSE Art + Technology Festival, Exhibition                 2018
Port City Review, Exhibition                                                2017
SADI, Best Motion Graphic Award                                     2016
SAMSUNG, Design Team Award                                         2015
LINEAGE, Design Team Award                                           2015
MCM, Design Team Award                                                   2015


Savannah College of Art and Design                               2016-present
Samsung Art and Design Institute                                   2013-2016


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Savannah, Georgia.